I’m often asked where my love for plants came from and if truth be told, I can’t actually pin point when I became madly obsessed with living with greenery, but it’s safe to say I’ve been well and truly bitten by the jungle bug! 

My names Natasha and I’m a 29 year old social media Influencer and content creator living in London. Only a year ago I was stuck behind my desk in a tiny old stationary cupboard in the city, in job I’d been almost “stuck” in for nearly 10 years, dreaming of a life where I could be submerged and surrounded in creativity, inspiration, life and nature. I never dreamed that within a year I would now be free. Free to experiment, free to express, free to explore my passions and free to create.

What started as merely sharing images of our jungle home for others to enjoy is now my full time job and I honestly I pinch myself everyday that I get to work alongside wonderful brands such as Style Our Home. It’s a little crazy though to think this all stemmed from my love of all things botanical!

Plants are not just plants to me. I use them in an art form to style, dress and emphasise a scenario or scene. As a lover of a minimal colour palette, I love experimenting with textures and tones and conjuring up creative ways to make those colours pop, inevitably bring the image to life.

The houseplant trend has taking the interior world by storm over the last year and there’s so many ways to enhance your living space and beautiful possessions with an injection of greenery. I always try to encourage my audience to conjure creative and imaginative ways to add greenery into their homes. One question I’m often asked is how I manage to keep over 500 plants alive & Living happily. The truth is, it takes a lot of love, care and attention, but I’m also conscious to let them grow freely and wild. Watching their progress and caring for them has added massive beneficial elements to my mindset. Not everyone is blessed with the green fingered gene, but there’s so many fabulous Faux options for those foliage lovers who want the visual aesthetic, without the attention required! Style Our Home offers a gorgeous selection of glorious, all year round greens, my favourite being their large faux cactus.

Faux Cactus Large >>

This quirky Cacti brings a fierce jungle infusion into any space and can transform an area into that perfect urban jungle. Our bathroom unfortunately doesn’t have any windows, so I struggle with natural lighting which means that real greens sadly are a no no. Instead, Ive given our space a Moroccan vibe by introducing faux cacti and ferns for the luscious middle eastern look, which transports bath time into a zen like paradise.
Another option for adding a tropical theme to your home is by introducing jungle prints and art work to assist with the greenery flow.

Tropical Palms Framed Art

History claims that green is that sparks motivation, so place pretty plant prints around those areas of your home that you want to burst with energy. This stunning framed palm print from Style Our Home would look delicious in the bedroom, positioned in a place that would greet your eyes every morning. Alternatively, hang it in your home office or work space to allow the mind remain calm and focused, but most importantly, energised.
In our bedroom, we’ve opted for a vibrant jungle print wallpaper to awaken the mind and senses, and to motivate us to kick start our day with an abundance of happy energy.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge lover of antique and flea market finds. Our home is full of treasured trinkets and bargain items that we’ve collected on our travels and merged together to pack a visual punch. The mixture of antique and high street finds, adds a layered element to the overall result which we absolutely love! One key tip I have for any interior enthusiast is to really focus on is textures and tones. I’m obsessed with concocting visual creations that include lots of natural elements and materials. Woods, Stone, concrete, bamboo - all of these combined with the colour pops of greenery add instant depth and jungle drama.

When wanting to start experimenting with natural tones and textures, think about how you can decorate and enhance features of your home by accessorising with greens. Bring a shelf to life with fresh flowing foliage, or display your plants with pride on cabinet tops.

Boston Highboard Display Unit

One of my fave pieces from Style Our Home is this GORGEOUS Boston Highboard Display Unit. The rustic tones of the wood add instant warmth and depth and not only is it a visual spectacular- it also offers an abundance of storage which is a must for any clutter free living space. Notice how the greenery pops against the grain, enhancing its premium craftsmanship and brining the area to life.... simply BEAUTIFUL!

I hope this article has left you feeling a little inspired to introduce the outdoors in to transform your home into an inviting area of tranquility, peacefulness and life. Want to join our jungle life? Simply head over to https://www.instagram.com/la_sidhu and prepare to feast your eyes on a paradise of plants.