How to Create a Contemporary Dining Space:

No matter what the style of your home, whether it’s more traditional or you embrace all things modern, you can adopt this style, and just use elements of the look if you don’t need all of it. Mixing up both old and new pieces with more modern touches and traditional features will create an eclectic look that’s actually very popular right now, and will help you develop the space over time. Mixing your old chairs with a more contemporary table looks stunning. Don’t be afraid to experiment and add touches that suit your individuality. If you’re a little nervous of colour, just use it in small amounts and build it up until you feel comfortable. It’s your home so we want you to be confident and happy with your choices.

The Key Ingredients:

All dining rooms need one thing of course, the dining table and chairs. Invest as much as you can in these pieces and they can last many years. Choose a style that works for you, and is a standout feature in the room. This needs to be the centrepiece; a statement or focal point, drawing your eye into the room and setting the tone for the rest of the décor.

Lighting is another key ingredient in this room and needs careful thought. You’ll need direct lighting over the table enabling a comfortable eating experience. And the room also needs atmosphere so add some ambient lighting in the form of table lamps and floor lamps. Dimmers work well in this space too allowing you to control the amount of light during different times.

Finishing touches make this room special so add wall art, rugs, candles, vases, plants and personal pieces that give the room personality and style. Try not to over clutter it for a more contemporary look, and use one or two oversized pieces too. Think less is more.

Contemporary Dining:

Laying the table, and using the right tableware will add to your contemporary style in the new room. Keep the colours simple, pick whites, greys or silvers for a modern look, then add silver or even gold cutlery. A striking centrepiece will draw the eye even further to the table. Use a candelabra or large vase of flowers for the perfect look.

Multipurpose Spaces:

Many of us tend to use the dining table for other purposes as well as eating. From crafting, to sewing to children’s homework, the dining table has to work hard these days. But this is all possible in the contemporary dining space, and creating a multipurpose room makes our homes much more useable and well loved. If you work from home you might want to utilise the space as an office too. Simply add some stylish shelving to house your work items, stored in boxes so they’re easy to hide away when it’s time to dine.

Do you feel inspired to create a contemporary dining space? Could this work in your home? We would love to see pictures of your dining room. Why not tweet us @styleourhome and show us your space.


Written by Jen Stanbrook of Love Chic Living for Style Our Home