Blend Different Finishes and Styles:

If you are after a room that is chic and luxurious then these shades can work together perfectly, you can blend steel and glass furniture pieces to give texture and interest, with the additional effect of reflecting light around your room. Railway sleeper pieces can bring earthy luxury especially when combined with botanical greens placed on or around your furniture.


Accent with Silver or Clear Accessories:

Accent your theme with glamorous silver or clear accessories, such as an Art Deco hurricane lantern or a shiny nickel floor lamp or an oversized Aviator silver time piece.

Luxury Grey Seating:

Complete your look with a chair or sofa upholstered in a beautiful shade of grey – a luxury sumptuous velvet or a soft brushed fabric would work beautifully in this theme – look at our Sarina Sofa or Apsley Chair for the ultimate in glamourous seating – see how the silver studded detailing of the Apsley Chair adds a touch of elegance and is accentuated beautifully by its grey and silver surroundings!                        


Mirrored Furniture:

For a grand and dazzling bedroom and the ultimate in hotel chic, mirrored furniture is a must have.  It’s an aspirational and unfulfilled dream for families with young children, however, if finger marks are not an issue in your home, then invest in some reflective finished furniture, polished silvers and statement pieces for a boudoir reminiscent of a 5-star hotel – whisk yourself away every night into your own chic and luxurious boutique hotel room! It’s all achievable with some strategic planning and careful attention to the finer shimmery detail and shiny accessories. 

Shiny or Oversized Accessories:

Fragile crystal droplets, sparkling silver and bold chandeliers and reflective lamp bases are gorgeous ways in which to complement a mirrored theme. Place an oversized mirror above your dressing table with a silver candle holder and a tall textured aluminium vase and imagine yourself being transported into the world of Hollywood glamour or in the heart of London’s vibrant Soho! 

Why Combining Grey & Silver Works:

Grey used to be considered a safe alternative to white and cream but owing to its sheer versatility and elegance, and because it works incredibly well with chrome, silver, polished and mirrored pieces, the possibilities and looks you can achieve are truly endless. You can be as ostentatious or as simple as you like with it because shades of grey (and silver) are for all around your home and not just for the big screen!

Keeping the theme but with muted greys, see here for our latest French style inspired furniture, MAISON by Gallery/Frank Hudson with 10% off across this range when you spend over £250 – use MAISON 10 at checkout. ONE STYLE, TWO SHADES OF GREY!