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La dolce vita.  Think of Italy and you do indeed think of the good life: beautiful weather, delicious food and drink, elegant design.  Italy has given us so many design classics from the iconic Bialetti espresso maker to the original Fiat 500.  The (very British!) artist and designer, William Morris, said that you should ‘have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’, but surely it is even better if you can combine form and function in the same object. Here at Style Our Home we certainly think so and stock some beautiful Italian dining room furniture which is also incredibly practical.  Whether you are eating pasta or pad Thai, gelato or jambalaya, we are sure to have some pieces for your dining room that suit both your style and your budget.

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10/02/2017 14:39

With a dizzying array of products on the market, styling your home can be a daunting task, so why not let us make choosing a new look for your home easier? We’ve put together five ‘Get the look’ collections which encapsulate the season’s trends. Each collection comprises several key items which work together, but still allow you to put your individual stamp on a room. Think of these collections as a ‘capsule wardrobe’ for your home, allowing you to make the maximum impact with the minimum of effort.

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There is something magical about colours this time of year. Looking out of my window now, it is only mid-afternoon and yet dusk is already falling.  The sky is filled with hues of pink, red and copper – a majestic display - which will soon be transformed into a midnight blue filled with stars and, possibly given the temperature, snowflakes. 

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We are such stuff... As dreams are made on...And our little life...Is rounded with a sleep

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Victoria Jackson of Apartment Number 4 brings out five key home trends for the new season, from the vintage finish of Shabby Chic to the premium details of Luxury, all of which you can create in your own home with a little help from the Style Our Home team. 

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COMBINE GREY & SILVER TO CREATE ELEGANT ROOMS IN YOUR HOME. Furnishing rooms from a palette of grey and silver offers a sophisticated, understated, yet modern look. Here are some ideas how you might work these colours through statement furniture pieces and carefully selected accents to create classy and highly desirable looks for your living room and bedroom.

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19/09/2016 11:49

HOW TO COMBINE COMFORT AND GLAMOUR IN YOUR SLEEPING SPACE. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place that you can retreat to at the end of the day.  You want to create a calm and tranquil atmosphere in here.  Here are our choices to help you do just that.

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MAKE YOUR DINING SPACE CONTEMPORARY AND STYLISH. The dining area is probably one of the most important yet overlooked spaces in the home, and so in this blog, we are looking at how you can go about creating a room that's inviting and stylish yet practical too.  If you're lacking ispiration for the dining room or looking to give this room a makeover why not consider creating a contemporary space that's on-trend yet will grow with changing styles and with the needs of your family.

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01/08/2016 18:46

GET THE COPPER LOOK. Metal and industrial pieces have crept into our homes over the years in various guises and colours. The latest twist on this comes in the form of a Copper on-trend obsession. We are not talking about Copper pots and pans but elegant and striking colours and designs which will introduce copper into your home in a subtle and stylish way. Have a look at our blog for Copper inspiration.

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18/06/2016 12:01

DUAL USE FURNITURE TO MAXIMISE YOUR SPACE. Be creative with your furniture and make good use of your space with our inspiring multi-purpose furniture solutions.  Our favourite pieces are designed to help you quickly and easily optimise your space. Not only are they flexible but you get two uses for the price of one!

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