Running your own business or working remotely at home has an abundance of benefits; no commute, being able to cook lunch from fresh, being able to hang the washing out. The list goes on. But it also proves troublesome when you find yourself lacking in motivation, you’re still in your pyjama bottoms and the TV is just metres away. 

Creating a home office that not only looks stylish but increases productivity is key. And don’t worry if your “office” is a desk against the living room wall – these handy tips will translate into whatever space you’re working with.

Regulate the temperature

Working in an environment which is either too hot or too cold makes it almost impossible to work efficiently. So, whether you invest in a fan or lower the radiator so it’s a constant but small source of heat, make sure you’re working in a comfortable environment and be sure to open the window to let fresh air in every once in a while, even in the cold. It will shake off a slump and bring your focus back to where it needs to be. 

Clever storage

Being organised and decluttered does wonders for productivity levels. Remember how therapeutic a spring clean feels? Instil that into your weekly routine for your office by tidying away papers, documenting important information, keeping up to date with receipts and taxes, and clearing your desk of unnecessary clutter. Filing cabinets don’t have to be an eyesore either, as demonstrated in our range here. Having something such as the Bergen Grey Washed Oak & Soft Grey Filing Cabinet (pictured above) offers ample storage as well as integrating effortlessly with your current décor.

Create a must-do, will-do and to-do list

If you’re a list maker then this next point might just excite you. Having a to-do list is all well and good but have you ever added so many things to your list on a morning and then felt instantly guilty as it draws closer to the evening and you’ve only managed to tick off half? The key is to have one main list for the day with the three most important tasks – your must-do list – followed by a second list for the week of things that need to be done but not necessarily today – your will-do list – and finally, a list that you keep handy to tick things off when business is quiet or you get a moment. Don’t add “paint kitchen” to your daily to-do list unless you actually plan on getting the brushes out from under the sink.

Create an indoor garden

By welcoming plants into your office, you’re not only adding colour but you could be helping with anxiety and stress – two common factors for halting motivation and productivity. Indoor plants such as pothos, aglaonema, peace lily, and philodendrons, thrive in areas such as a home office as they clean the air and boost your mood. Be sure to add a reminder to water them on your phone or laptop and pick up co-ordinating plant pots for an aesthetically pleasing view from your office chair.

Move the furniture

Is the space you’re in currently serving you the best it can? If not, then having a rethink in furniture and layout can do wonders for your motivation. If watching TV is your biggest distraction, then move your desk so you’re not able to see it. Or if you’re constantly looking out of the window at the neighbours then, one, mind your own business, and two move the desk to another wall. The one thing we’ve learned about working from home is that it really is a case of trial and error but sooner or later you’ll find a spot that works perfectly.

Do you work from home? If so, how do you boost your productivity levels or shake off a slump?