With the approach of the new season around the corner, comes with it the possibility of updating your home. The beauty of changing smaller decorative pieces and items like cushions, throws and artwork means the process doesn’t have to be an expensive outlay to rejuvenate your living space. Here at Style Our Home, we’re firm believers in making decorating easy, affordable and relatively non-time-consuming, which is why today we wanted to share a simple way to change up the feel of your whole living room – by styling your coffee table for summer. Creating a stylish coffee table vignette can feel overwhelming when you look at the work of interior designers or even images of Pinterest that you swoon over but keep for another day. But what do we even mean by vignette? In design terms, a vignette is a group of items on a sideboard, coffee table, shelf or other surface. With these five tips you’ll be turning your hand to styling the rest of the house before you know it.

Choose your colour palette

The key to styling your coffee table so it looks cohesive with the rest of the space, is to stick to similar tones throughout. For example, if you have a Scandinavian feel to the room with a cream or light-coloured sofa, consider more natural tones such as whites, browns, or greys. However, if you’re a fan of bolder rooms, graphic prints and pops of colour are going to be winners. Take inspiration from the décor around you and choose pieces within a similar story.

Odd numbers

The rule of three is a concept used in fashion, art and photography. But it’s also something that works when styling your coffee table. Odd items are visually more interesting that even-numbers, so although we speak about the number three, it can also translate to groups of five, seven or even nine. 

Add height

Varying heights is where you can turn a standard coffee table setting into something magazine worthy. Having items of different heights and weights, allows the eye to scan over properly, instead of viewing a line of similar sized items. You could stack coffee table books with a small trinket tray on top, next to a taller vase, a small candle and a decorative item such as a piece of coral or sculpture, for example. 

Seasonal flowers

The easiest way to update your coffee table for the new season is to add appropriate flowers. For example, peonies are in bloom right now and are the perfect spring flower to brighten up your space, especially when cut and added to a clear cylinder vase. Again, once the cooler months arrive, you can switch up again and add roses, eucalyptus or even a snippet of cranberries for a festive feel.

Inject your personality

The most important thing to remember when styling your home is to add a large dollop of your own personality. We’re not trying to create a show home, despite wanting to make the space look Insta-worthy. Great ways to add personality to your coffee table, however, include burning your favourite candle scent, books that really captured your heart, pieces you’ve picked up on your travels or your favourite flowers or greenery. Here at the Style Our Home office, we’re currently crushing over dried flowers such as pampas and wheat sheaf.

So, there you have it; the five “rules” to follow when you’re styling your coffee table for the new season. Have you tried your hand to interior styling before? If you’re looking to update your coffee table for the new season, make sure you check out our full coffee table category including the boho boutique coffee table pictured above.