With a new season comes a new focus on interior design trends and spring 2019 is no different. Although delicate pastels and florals – especially in wallpaper - can still be seen across the board (does anyone else think of the famous Devil Wears Prada quote “florals for spring, groundbreaking”?), there are a host of new trends designed to get you excited about decorating this season. 

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones such as khaki, terracotta, taupe, and ochre are normally associated with autumn but this season we see them seep into the spring months. It doesn’t have to be a muted affair though, especially not if you add interesting textures such as velvet, leather and linen. If you’re not brave enough to paint the walls anything darker than taupe or cream, consider adding soft furnishings or statement pieces of furniture such as an accent chair in earthy tones. 

The New Boho

Bohemian is back. Well, at least that’s what interior design insiders are telling us. Far removed from the thrown-together, relaxed bohemian style we were once familiar with, New Boho is much more polished and refined. Vintage pieces are mixed with modern touches, and although you will see prints, colours and layers, everything is that bit more paired back and chic. 


Whether it’s the Marie Kondo effect over on Netflix, or it’s our need for escapism from our busy day-to-day lives, we’ll start to see even more of a shift towards decluttering and living with only the bare minimum this year. Not only is it therapeutic to get rid of unwanted items, but it also gives you the chance to invest in new storage and give away pieces that don’t serve a purpose anymore. Are you ready to become a minimalist this spring? 

Statement Kitchens

From bold contrasting islands to printed splashbacks, making a statement with your kitchen is set to become one of the biggest stories of the year. Although following trends for projects like your kitchen or bathroom isn’t always advised, if you find a style that you truly love and it happens to be en vogue, then roll with it. Consider complementing cabinetry with dark units on the top and white and glass wall cupboards, or perhaps install open shelving and a tiled splashback. Or if you’re looking to make a statement without renovating, invest in new tea towels, storage and utensils to inject newness into the space. 


Finally, we’ll see furniture and accessories getting a whole lot curvier, embracing their shape and steering clear of sharp edges. Including everything from tables to beds to sofas, curves, we’re turning away from straight lines, creating a softer look in your home all together. Teamed with delicate shades of blush pink and taupe, this is the perfect trend to add into your bedroom for a calming effect.

Do any of these trends catch your eye for the new season? Or are you already ahead of the curve and have something like this in your home already?