Welcome everyone to my first column for interior destination, Style Our Home. My name is Victoria Jackson and I run an award winning UK interior design and lifestyle blog called Apartment Number 4. The concept behind Apartment Number 4 is to help my readers achieve a “Pinterest-worthy” home, regardless of budget. Interior design doesn’t need to be intimidating and creating a stylish living space certainly doesn’t need to cost the world. 


There are four key elements to the luxury trend – reflective surfaces, metallic tones, texture and attention to detail. This beginning of this interior story starts with a colour palette of beautiful muted metallics such as gold, silver, copper and pewter. Stepping away from over the top, ornate furniture, the trend for 2017 is a glamorous minimalism, with authentic materials and unique pieces resembling something that’s been sourced whilst travelling to a far-flung destination. Textures are rich so expect velvets and suedes to be popular, alongside beautiful handcrafted statement lighting like this Moroccan inspired pendant light pictured.

Shabby Chic

One of the most popular interior trends of the last decade, Shabby Chic really came into its own when interior design programmes graced out TV screens in the noughties and people decided to try their hand at upcycling their own furniture. As the years have passed, people found they simply didn’t have the time to be able to restore old treasures, and turned to pieces that captured the trend for them, minus the hard work. Perfect for recreating that old English cottage charm, the trend for Shabby Chic can be created with a tone-on-tone neutral colour palette, stripped wooden floors and beautiful tactile textures – think faux sheepskin and chunk cable knit throws. There’s a real worn, vintage feel to this trend, which works across both modern builds and older properties. 


One of my favourite trends for 2017, the Coastal look reminds me of summer holidays down in Devon, with the smell of the sea in the air and freckles on my face. In terms of interiors, this trend is very much lived in, with a relaxed finish. It’s about creating that holiday atmosphere, with a calming colour pallete comprising crisp whites, taupes, sand and a variation of blues. Use natural materials such as wood and rattan against linens and cotton, while decorative beach themed accessories such as shells, scented candles and rope finishes really tie this interior trend together. 


Although we’ve dubbed this trend Modern, there’s a distinct retro feel running throughout, from dark woods, to a 70s colour palette of plums and mustards. What gives this trend a modern twist, however, are the fluid silhouettes and contemporary décor additions such as vases, statement rugs and eye catching dome lighting. Creating a useable, but space saving dining area within your home is easy with a round dining table like this – plus two-tone chairs create the perfect conversation starter over dinner and drinks.


A beautiful blend of bringing the outdoors in whilst marrying natural materials with industrial finishes, the Equestrian trend is certainly one to watch for the new season. Keep paint colours traditional such as deep greys, olive greens and muted blues, perhaps creating a gallery wall of black and white photographs. From candles, to horse memorabilia and vases filled with plant life, this trend steers away from the simplistic look our other stories have, living by the “more is more” design moto. Add a modern, premium finish to this trend by utilising mirrored furniture and reflective surfaces in decorative items – remember this trend is definitely more elite polo club than riding school. 

Written by Victoria Jackson - Apartment Number 4 for Style Our Home