Declutter The Family Dining Table…With Our Variety Of Hidden Home Offices 

In  most  households,  the  dining  table  seems  not  to  be  just  for  dining  but  a  universal  work  station  for  everyone and  everything…..and  we  mean  just  about  EVERYTHING.  Whether  it’s  children  learning  their  8  times  tables, finishing  a  rather  messy  primary  school  art  project  or  undergraduates  stressing  over  newton’s  3rd  law  and memorising  algorithms  or  adults  using  it  as  their  home  office  for  those  late  night  catching  up  on  email  sessions following  a  busy  day.  The  family  dining  table  has  seen  it  all!  How  many  times  have  you  had  to  clear  the  table  of pens,  paper,  glitter,   glue,   notepads,  calculators,  laptops  just  so  that  you  can  dish  up  the  family  dinner?  Too many. And  not  to  mention  the  mass  of  wires  that  sprawl  from  the  multiple  gadgets  and  devices  scattered  on  the  table.

That’s  why  here  at  Style  Our  Home  we  have  a  wide  range  of  hidden  home  offices  largely  by  market-leading manufacturer,  Baumhaus.  They  are  fantastic and popular  pieces  of  furniture  that  are  not  only  fully  functional  and practical  but  are  hidden  to  make  the  seamless  transition  to a sideboard.  Giving  you  or  your  children  somewhere  to work  and  be  productive  whilst  leaving  your  dining  table  clear  so  that  the  family  are  able  to  dine  and  socialise clutter‐free.    

Baumhaus  Chadwick  Hidden  Home  Office

Whoever  thought  that  home  offices  had  to  be  bland  have  not  yet  come  acrosschadwick hidden home office  the  extremely  stylish  hidden  home  office  from  our  new  2016 Baumhaus Chadwick  range,  which  is  very  beautiful,  functional  and  designed  to  hide  all your  computer  equipment.  It  is  part  of  our  fresh,  on  trend  and  elegant  grey painted  range.  

 Here  are  the  clever  hidden  internal  features:  the  top  section  opens  to  an  innovative  pull-­‐out  keyboard  shelf  and  gives  an  extra  35cm  deep  working  space.  The  left  hand  cupboard  holds  a  tower  unit  and  has  a  removable  A4  paper  shelf.  Open  shelves  in  the  centre  can  hold  a  router  and  modem.  Right  hand  shelves  hold  (and  hide)  a  printer  and  scanner.  This  is  a  solidly  constructed  piece  of  furniture  meaning  that  it  is  hassle  free  and  no  assembly  is  required.  

 To  complete  the  look,  this  piece  is  supplied  with  polished  steel  handles.  Overall,  this  hidden  home  office  boasts  enormous  amounts  of  hidden  space.  Here  at  Style  Our  Home,  we  think  that  this  beautiful  piece  of  furniture  would  look  lovely  in  a  traditional  home  along  with  matching  items  from  our  versatile  and  new  Baumhaus  Chadwick  range.

Shiro  Walnut  Hidden  Home  Office

Shiro Hidden Home Office For  an  alternative  look,  the  innovatively  designed  and  popular  Shiro  Walnut  Hidden  Home  Office  is  the  perfect  way  to  hide  your  computer  and  electronic  equipment  in  a  stylish  and  modern  way.  With  cupboards  hiding  shelves  and  pull  out  drawers  for  your  printers  and  computer  towers,  this  hidden  home  office  is  truly  uniquely  designed  with  its  curved  stylish  design  and  here  at  Style  Our  Home,  we  absolutely  love  the  rich  dark  colour  to  the  Walnut  wood.  

This  home  office  is  part  of  a  wide  collection  of  Shiro  products,  meaning  you  can  furnish  your  whole  working  space  with  the  same  furniture  and  so  the  home  office  is  almost  unrecognisable  when  hidden.  This  deep  wood  furniture  will  really  stand  out  against  light  coloured  walls.    

 Baumhaus  Mobel  Oak  Hidden  Home  

If  you  would  prefer  a  more  traditional  design  and  look  for  your  home  office Mobel Oak Hidden Home Office then  the  next  hidden  home  office  will  seem  very  desirable.    From  one  of  our  most  popular  ranges,  the  Baumhaus  Mobel  Oak  hidden  home  office  is  part  of  our  beautiful  oak  range  and  has  convenient  cable  exit  ports  to  discreetly  wire  all  of  your  devices.  Along  with  multiple  shelves  and  drawers  made  from  solid  oak  so  that  they  do  not  bow  under  the  weight  of  your  devices.  Complete  with  two  central  opening  doors  and  a  shelf  that  pulls  out  for  your  keyboard.  As  featured,  here  at  Style  Our  Home,  we  feel  that  this  Mobel  Oak  range  would  pair  well  with  beige  stonework  and  creams.      With  a  vast  number  of  matching  pieces,  your  home  office  and  open  plan  living  space  would  be  well  furnished  from  the  extremely  versatile  and  in­‐demand  Mobel  Oak  range.  

Aston Oak Hidden Home Office  

Aston Oak Hidden Home OfficeThe  stunning  Aston  Oak  hidden  home  office  looks  great  next  to  the  lamp  table  of  the  same  range.  The  piece  holds  an  abundance  of  storage  options  and  creates  a  very  spacious  working  area  with  many  different  compartments  for  all   of  your  office  equipment.  Here  at  Style  Our  Home  we  like  pairing  the  Aston  Oak  range  with  bright  bold  colours  such  as  mustards  and  Ivy  green.    


 La Roque Hidden Home Office 

This innovative La Roque Hidden Home Office has been hand crafted from solid La Roque Hidden Home Office mahogany and features a desk top of green Oscar, a chic look similar to leather but more resilient. With storage cupboards and drawers to hide all of your computer and electronic equipment, this is a stylish piece perfect for any modern or traditional home office, with its Oval Office inspired design.

Focus Hidden Home Office

Focus Hidden Home Office  

The Focus Hidden Home Office presents a practical and compact design. This sleek work station is perfect for small spaces and is an innovative and modern way to effortlessly hide your laptop, papers and binders. Features include a drop down door to convert into a work desk, a pull out drawer, a bottom cupboard and holes designed to feed cables through. The Focus Hidden Home Office is finished in a Pure White & Oak veneer combination creating an ultra-stylistic look.