With creative planning and adaptable (yet inspiring) furniture you can make good use of your space with our practical and multi-purpose furniture solutions.  Have a look at some of our favourite and most versatile pieces below, designed to quickly and easily optimise your space. Not only are these pieces flexible but you are getting two uses for the price of one!

Spare room to Home Office to Bedroom 

You can turn your spare room from a brilliant relaxing or working day space into an instant guest bedroom in no time.

The 3 key pieces that you will need to achieve this easy day-to-night look are:

A sofa bed - this is one that you will need to convert as and when you need it but adapting it from a seating area to a bed hardly takes any time or effort at all. 

Venice Sofa Bed Room

venice sofa bed

A versatile side table to sit next to your sofa bed, which can double up as a stylish bedside table when needed and a sleek and simple table which will make an excellent desk for clutter free home working and can also be used as a dressing table for your guests when the room becomes a bedroom.

Doubling up in the Hallway

Where you need to maximise your space in the hallway, try a seating and storage bench. These offer a place to hide your hallway clutter as well as a place to sit on for putting on your shoes.  Storage and seating benches have the added benefit of making your hallway more attractive and welcoming.  There are so many different ones on the market in all shapes, sizes and colours, that you should have no trouble finding one to match your space and décor.  Here are just a few ideas from us.

Sleek Dining & Working 

For tidy space saving solutions, an open plan area can serve a multitude of purposes. If you are searching for a contemporary and adaptable piece of furniture which will fit seamlessly into your open plan living space and provide a temporary work station or hot desk when required, then look no further than the below two brilliant pieces.

For compact spaces, opt for a gorgeous modern sideboard [FOCUS], which opens up to reveal a desk option with plenty of storage space for your desk accessories.  If minimalistic living is your aspiration or you live in an apartment or flat, then try this portable work-station [ARTURO], which cleverly folds up into a discreet wall unit when not in use. 

You won’t believe your eyes with these console-turned-dining tables. It sounds impossible but the following two sleek console tables can easily be converted into practical dining tables to seat 4 as and when you require – completely versatile and incredible. [ARTURO]

A lean-to-desk and shelf can be an attractive combination and feature of any living space.

With careful thinking, planning and buying, there really is a place for everything and it has never been so easy to combine our home working and living, especially with these space saving and multi functional pieces of furniture which will transform your rooms and the way you live in them.