Metal and industrial pieces have crept into our homes over the years in various guises and colours. The latest twist on this comes in the form of a Copper on-trend obsession. Historically, because of its quality and durability, Copper was used to line the bottom of ships to keep water out and people have been using Copper pots and pans for years so why not introduce some Copper into your home in a subtle way with a few simple and stylish accessories? See below for inspiration on how to embrace this on-trend look.   


The Dan-Form Carisma Copper Plated Barstools are eye-catching - looking both futuristic and industrial, they are beautiful, burnished pieces which will bring brightness to your family breakfast bar.


If you are looking for a striking timepiece with strong design elements, then you’ll quite possibly love the Libra Geo Web Wall Clock. With its skeletal frame of geometric copper bars, this analogue timepiece does away with using numbers for the hours of the day, instead the numbers being loosely represented by the points that form the design.  If your living area already has industrial elements, then this face would fit perfectly on a wall in that room. Accessorise with the matching Libra Copper Web Wire Magazine Rack, giving Sunday papers and magazines a smart and functional home. 

Libra Copper Tree Wall Art in the main image above depicts three wispy, willow-like and elegant trees. Wall art is a popular alternative to paintings, prints and posters, which many makers meet demand by using methods of mass production. In contrast, this piece could give the impression of being individually made with its unique branch design, which are framed simply by an understated rectangle of black. At eighty centimetres by sixty centimetres, this piece could have pride of place above a mantelpiece, or it could complement other art on a larger wall. With some back-lighting you could use the piece to create some atmospheric and dramatic shadows in any room.   


If you like the idea of copper but don’t want it to dominate your space, then try combining furniture which has see through design features which will open up your room.  The Libra Copper Web Console Table and Nest of Tables is minimalistic furniture with a creative and intricate design, this dynamic duo embraces the theme of glass and copper web design, while providing attractive display and resting surfaces.


Lastly, bring some subtle 1950’s elegance into your living space with Heathfield & Co's Rondo Table Lamp. A metal and granite creation, this solid show-stopping lamp is reminiscent of Hollywood homes. Having been first unveiled at this year’s Taste of Design exhibition series by Heathfield & Co, it’s already creating waves of enthusiasm and it’s easy to see why. With a pallet of textures, materials and tones, its visual impact is truly arresting. 

So, the copper trend is versatile and can be adapted to any home, whether it be a suburban semi or a studio apartment. Larger pieces can be used to make grand statements, while smaller items can be used to bring the style into your home in more subtle ways. There is beauty in the stark contrast between the metallic nature of copper against soft furnishings in the home, which could well be the secret to what makes this style so appealing. The trend for copper is very much of the moment and we hope it is here to stay - long may it shine and continue!